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Our goal is to create a video quality assessment module. We have developed a set of No Reference indicators to evaluate the level of distortion (like blocking and blurring) present in a video file.

The website is created to showcase the performance of our metrics and to share the result of our work with you.

In the Indicators section you can download executables and scripts for various types of indicators we have developed . In the Research section you can find a description of our working method, in References we show some of the articles and publications we used to implement our indicatros.


New Lip Sync Indicator


We are currently developing a new video quality indicator (VQI) called Lip Sync VQI.

Its main purpose is to detect a lack of synchronisation between audio and video streams. This de-synchronization usually manifests itself as a speech signal following (or lagging) lips movement (thus the name Lip Sync).

The development process is realised in a close cooperation with our business partner. This ensures a final product meets industry-class requirements. At every stage we are testing a performance of the solution in a realistic environment. By doing so we make sure to keep in-line with initial assumptions and performance requirements.

For more information you are encouraged to contact us by sending an e-mail to vq@kt.agh.edu.pl.

Lip Sync VQI